Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting With “H”

Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings starting with "H"

Islamic Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings starting with “H” Baby Name Baby Name Meaning Ha’ida Ablation Haadiya Guide to righteousness, Gift Haalima Dreamer Habiba Friend Habibah Beloved, Sweetheart Haboos Noble lady Hadara Bedecked in Beauty Hadaya Gifts,Presents Hadeeqa Gorgeous Hadeeqah Garden Hadhirah Sweet smelling, Smart, Leader Hadia Guide to Righteousness Hadil Voice of dove … Read more

Traditional Tamil Baby Girl Names with Meaning 2023

Naming your baby girl in Tamil cultural tradition is a significant and meaningful procedure. If you’re searching for beautiful Tamil Baby girl names to name your baby’s first birthday. Here we provide numerous names for baby girls that are in Tamil. it is possible to choose any modern Tamil names for your baby girl. It is possible to … Read more