50 Unique American Baby Boy Names with Meaning

American Baby Boy Names

USA – American Baby Boy Names with Meaning : American parents often draw inspiration from diverse sources when choosing names for their baby boys. Some may opt for traditional names passed down through generations, reflecting familial ties and heritage. Others seek unique and trendy names that stand out, often influenced by pop culture or celebrities. … Read more

Modern Muslim Baby Boy names with meanings – Alphabet ‘C’

Baby Boy NAME MEANING Cadi Luck Cahil A young and naive man Cairo Victorious Calista Beauty of Jannha Cano Life Carmen Love Careem A man with generous personality Cas An imperial man Casper Treasurer Cemal Perfection, Beauty Chafik Sympathising Chahid Wintness Chahli Merriment, Pleasantry Chaini Gorgeous Chakir The chosen one Chamali The one who serves … Read more

Muslim Boy Baby Names starting with B

Baby Boy NAME MEANING Baadi Wonderful Baahi Shining Baahir Brilliant Barir Faithful Barin Young Baariq Shining, Bright, Illuminating Baasir Wise,seeing Baasim Smiling Baashir Bringer of good news Baaz Falcon Bazil Merciful Baazigh Shining Babar Lion Baber Courageous, Lion Babik A king name Badi Inventor, Creator Badi al zaman The marvel of time Badr Full Moon … Read more

Modern Islamic Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with A

NAME MEANING Aaban More clear,8th Persian month Aabdar Bright Aabid Worshipper of God Aadam The first Prophet of Allah Aadil Just Aadhil Honorable Judge Aafa Forgiver Aaki Bright Aazad Independent Aahil Good health,Prince Aalam World Aalee Sublime, high Aalim Knowledge person, Wise Aamir Prosperous Aaqib The follower of allah Aaqil Intelligent Aarib Handsome Aarif Knowledge … Read more

Modern Islamic Baby Girl Names with Meanings Starting with “M”

Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meaning Starting with “M” 2023 Baby Name Baby Name Meaning Ma’isah Walking proudly Maahnoor Glow of moon Maali Noble Things Maariya Beloved, Beautiful, Purity Mabrooka Blessed,prosperous Mada Utmost point Madaha Praiseworthy Madaniyah Cultured Madar Rose Madeeha Praiseworthy Madhat Praise Madhia Praiseworthy Maeda Beautiful Maera Daughter of Atlas Maez Lily … Read more

500+ Malayalam Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Certainly! Here’s a list of 500 Malayalam baby boy names along with their meanings. Please note that the meanings provided are based on traditional interpretations and may vary slightly: Malayalam Baby Boy Names 2023 Sr. No Baby Name Baby Name Meaning 1 Adithyan Sun 2 Aarav Peaceful 3 Akshay Indestructible 4 Aryan Noble 5 Anand … Read more